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Howard’s Folly is a winery that brings together art, dreams and different cultures from around the world that is reflected in the food and its wines It all starts when Englishman Howard Bilden, living in Hong Kong, tastes a Portuguese wine that really loves. In such a way the wine impresses him that he insists […]



Will there be many places where you can have a picnic in the shade of an ancient olive tree? At Morgado do Quintão it is possible and it’s unforgettable!   Lately, I have been committed to discovering more of the wines of the Algarve and to prove that this region also has a lot and […]



With a century and a half of tradition in winemaking, Ervideira keeps growing and goes from the Alentejo to the rest of the country   When we hear about centuries-old wine producers, whose production has spanned four or five generations, I dare to say that our mind immediately travels to the center and north of […]


Planning a trip is not always simple and in wine tourism there are even more details to consider! I tell you how I plan a wine trip in 8 steps   Finally the world starts to breathe again, it is slowly returning to its rhythm and opening its doors. Cellar doors included! Gradually, wine producers […]

Caminhos Cruzados

Caminhos Cruzados is the most recent wine project in the region, considering itself as the “new Dão” – a young, modern and bold Dão   When I heard that a new design cellar by a recent Dão producer had opened, I was immediately curious. Curious to the point of getting in the car and driving […]



If you plan to visit Valdera in Tuscany get ready for intense days, lots of food and excellent wines!   In the Tuscany region, right between the very famous cities of Pisa and Florence, I found Valdera area. Considering its location, you can already imagine the gastronomic temptation this is! Valdera Tourism office invited me […]



What do you plan to do at the age of 95? Plant a vineyard and start a wine project? Maybe not… but that is exactly what Baron Bodo von Bruemmer did at Casal Santa Maria   But going back a little bit. Walking through the gardens of Casal Santa Maria, we realized why Baron von […]


Twenty years separate the beginning of wine tourism in Herdade do Esporão and Quinta dos Murças. It’s the Esporão family growing and doing what they know best!   It is said that it all began in 1714, when that place was already known as the Murças farm, referring to Murças captain-major. After passing through different […]


The ancients called Madxa to Machede, a sacred place for the fertility of their lands. And it was exactly in São Miguel de Machede that Casa Relvas project was born   Casa Agricola Alexandre Relvas was born in 1997, when the family acquired the Herdade de São Miguel, next to São Miguel de Machede, in […]

Quinta da Alorna

Once Upon a time…. there was Quinta da Alorna. With almost 300 years of wine production in the Tejo region, this is a reference in Portuguese wines   The story begins in 1723 with the construction of the palace by the hands of D. Pedro de Almeida Portugal – 1st Marquis of Alorna – and […]