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If you plan to visit Valdera in Tuscany get ready for intense days, lots of food and excellent wines!   In the Tuscany region, right between the very famous cities of Pisa and Florence, I found Valdera area. Considering its location, you can already imagine the gastronomic temptation this is! Valdera Tourism office invited me […]



What do you plan to do at the age of 95? Plant a vineyard and start a wine project? Maybe not… but that is exactly what Baron Bodo von Bruemmer did at Casal Santa Maria   But going back a little bit. Walking through the gardens of Casal Santa Maria, we realized why Baron von […]

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Brought by the Romans to the Iberian Peninsula, perpetuated in time by the Alentejo. Today I tell you all about the ancient amphora wine! Tradition says that on St. Martin’s Day (November 11th) you should go to the cellar to taste the new wine and that’s what I did! I went to Vila Alva and […]


Twenty years separate the beginning of wine tourism in Herdade do Esporão and Quinta dos Murças. It’s the Esporão family growing and doing what they know best!   It is said that it all began in 1714, when that place was already known as the Murças farm, referring to Murças captain-major. After passing through different […]


The ancients called Madxa to Machede, a sacred place for the fertility of their lands. And it was exactly in São Miguel de Machede that Casa Relvas project was born   Casa Agricola Alexandre Relvas was born in 1997, when the family acquired the Herdade de São Miguel, next to São Miguel de Machede, in […]

Quinta da Alorna

Once Upon a time…. there was Quinta da Alorna. With almost 300 years of wine production in the Tejo region, this is a reference in Portuguese wines   The story begins in 1723 with the construction of the palace by the hands of D. Pedro de Almeida Portugal – 1st Marquis of Alorna – and […]

Quinta Dos Santos

A vineyard, a brewery and a tapas bar all within two years seems mission impossible … but not for Quinta Dos Santos!   On a sunny November day, I hit the road to the Algarve to visit this recent wine producer, attracted initially by the beautiful images of their instagram. After some more research I […]

Quinta de La Rosa

Quinta de La Rosa has withstood 100 years of a long and troubled history that only made it stronger and proud of its wines!   I have to confess that I’m slightly jealous (in a good way!) of Claire Feueheerd for having received as a gift from her grandmother, a place like Quinta de La […]


FLAM Winery, Israel

Flam Winery is located in the Judean Hills, a region about 20 years old, but already one of the most fascinating wine regions in the world!   My trip to Israel was not supposed to be a wine trip, but since I was there I could not miss the chance to check their wines. And […]

Quinta do Pôpa

Grampa Pôpa dreamed, his son Zeca materialized and their children gave wings to this much-desired wine project in the Douro!   To get to Quinta do Pôpa it is important to have a car. Some estates in Douro are accessible by train, but this is not the case here. Which is not necessarily bad, as […]