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Quinta de Santa Cristina

Apart from beautifully representing the grape varieties of the Vinho Verde region, Quinta de Santa Cristina is an example of innovation in wine tourism   I am a faithful follower of the Great Wine Capitals (GWC), a network of world capitals associated with wine whose main goal is to promote the wine regions through their […]

Quinta de Lourosa

The Quinta de Lourosa is very a cozy family home and, at the same time, a testing zone in the Vinhos Verdes region   When you arrive Quinta de Lourosa, ring the bell at the entrance, a little bit hidden by the wisteria. Castro’s family won’t certainly be too far, somewhere around the 27 hectares […]

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

From the top of the terraces, the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo overlooks the river and welcomes many visitors   There were brave men those who, until the 60’s, defied Douro currents in a superhuman effort, carrying in the rabelo boats heavily loaded barrels of Port, from the estates to the cellars in […]


A pioneer in wine tourism in Portugal, Herdade do Esporão invites you to “Live the Territory” and get to know the wine and olive oil production in a very good Alentejo experience!   For those who know the Portuguese wines, Herdade do Esporão does not need presentation. It is one of the oldest and largest […]

Discovering Tejo wines and its Fernão Pires

Tejo river goes way beyond the red iron bridge, the Belém tower and the grilled fish in Cacilhas. Tejo is also a great wine region, known by its Fernão Pires white grape   The river is about 1000 km long, of which 275 cross Portugal. Far from Lisbon, there is a less known but not […]


Ribafreixo winery is a good example that wines are a passion and a dream that can come true in any moment!   The initial plan of this business man Mário Pinheiro when returning to Portugal, after a long season in South Africa, was to finally enjoy his retirement. But his plans changed when, during a […]



Conde de Oeiras – mostly known as Marquês de Pombal – was a great lover and promoter of Carcavelos wines   I’ve known Carcavelos wine for a few years and that’s why I thought its existence was well known. But when a friend told me that she had never heard of such a wine – […]



It is one of the smallest wine regions in the country and its vineyards are planted in sand soil, I’m talking about Colares! I confess that the Colares wine region is one of the regions that fascinates me the most in Portugal. And to explain to you why I have to go back to the […]

Barbeito Wines

Barbeito has been marking the Madeira wines with creativity and irreverence since 1946!   I keep saying wine tourism makes us ‘see’ wine under a different light. It makes us understand everything that goes inside the bottle you crack open at home and realise that it is not just a beverage but the product of long […]


Australia Wine Trip

My Australia Wine Trip: when I traveled all across world to see how Australia produces and lives the wine!    Visiting Australia had been on my to-do list for years. This year, the wine seemed to be the perfect excuse to finally get it done. Three weeks across the world. I went to Sydney and […]