vinho de carcavelos


Conde de Oeiras - mostly known as Marquês de Pombal - was a great lover and promoter of Carcavelos wines   I've known Carcavelos wine for a few years and that's why I thought its existence was well known. But when a friend told me that she…
vinhos de colares


It is one of the smallest wine regions in the country and its vineyards are planted in sand soil, I'm talking about Colares! I confess that the Colares wine region is one of the regions that fascinates me the most in Portugal. And to explain…

Australia Wine Trip

My Australia Wine Trip: when I traveled all across world to see how Australia produces and lives the wine!    Visiting Australia had been on my to-do list for years. This year, the wine seemed to be the perfect excuse to finally get…
enoturismo algarve

Monte da Ravasqueira

Monte da Ravasqueira is a different Alentejo - surprising from the landscape to the wines!   Those who travel to Monte da Ravasqueira expecting to find the romantic Alentejo of traditional golden fields dotted by cork trees will be surprised…


At Rioja wine cellar I found and impressive contrast between classic and modern   One can say it was thanks to the French that Rioja became a wine region. After the phylloxera epidemic – a plague  that destroyed most vineyards for…

Bordeaux Wine Trip

Aaaah Bordeaux......! Le vin.... le fromage.... uuuuh c'est trés bon!   I started my trip through the wines of Bordeaux on a winter morning, having breakfast at Café Lavinal at Village of Bages. This little town is no more than a lovely…

Napa Valley, California

If there is such a thing as a ‘Wine Disneyland’, it’s in Napa Valley in California   As relaxed as the US people may be, they’re also great at marketing and managed to make Napa Valley world famous, and not just for the quality…

Chile Wine Trip

Chile is a country with 4000 miles of coastline and a lot of great wine!    Whoever visits Chile’s cellars or vineyards, will witness the pride and appreciation Chileans hold for their most prized grape variety: Carménère. Considering…